Table Numbers That Move!

It’s been a busy several weeks (months?)! With lots of jobs to do and The Gizmo Dojo (a Broomfield makerspace) in the works, I’ve had little time to do my own little projects.

Therefore, I’m sharing a bit about a table number project I started a few days ago. The idea was to make a table number suitable for a steampunk wedding. The use of gears seemed obvious, but I wanted things to move! After a little mental fiddling, I came up with a design and launched Inkscape (which has a gear generator built in). Of course, I don’t really like Inkscape, so as soon as I had my gears, I exported the file and imported it into Illustrator so I could edit in a more comfortable environment.

After deciding that I wanted the number itself to remain stationary while the outside gear moved, I got to work designing a support structure for my gear assembly. Here’s the finished prototype:


For reference, here’s how it looks in motion:

All in all, I’m happy with it! I’ll probably change the turning knob to something more attractive, but that and a nice paint job should complete this table number!