An Army of Marvins…

I’ve finally started printing color samples for my 3DHubs customers! I’m slowly working through my ABS colors, and will then move on to PLA and then exotic filaments (metal filled, nylon, etc.).

Bright Green and Natural

Bright Green and “Natural”


So far, I just have three colors printed, but I can do a few a day (what with work and all). They’re also pretty tiny; each one will fit on a US quarter. I might scale them up 50% for future prints, but I want to finish the color samples first.

So chill he's blue!

So chill he’s blue! And a little blurry. Sorry about that, it’s from the webcam.


I’m also really liking the finish I get with 100 micron layers. For reference, the natural (white) Marvin is printed with 200 micron layers, and the others are printed with 100 micron layers. I’m going to attempt something between 50 and 75 microns soon, so I can add another, higher-resolution version of my printer to my Hub! Theoretically, my printer can handle 70 microns, but I haven’t tried it yet. 50 would really be pushing the hardware, but might work.