Fun With Rings

One of the things I like to do to pass the time, or to meditate, is weave chainmaille. I find that it’s a very relaxing task that is quite good for my mental health. This is a good thing, as it takes a significant amount of time to make anything one ring at a time.


For this reason, I primarily make jewelry (shameless plug: I sell it under the name Poetic Mustard). I find that it also allows me to be creative in design without a huge time commitment. That is, I might be committing fewer than 15 hours rather than months to years. Still, I do have a couple long-term projects that I’m working on. Both, of course, are articles of armor: two halberds, one from each of two different ring sizes. This will expand as I make it further along, as I do have plans for a couple more with different rings.

There is something magical about taking a rigid material and weaving it into something flexible that is rather mesmerizing.


It is also a social activity, as I’m a member of a Meetup group dedicated to weaving chainmaille.

Primarily, though, it’s a way to zone out and let my thoughts wander, while being anchored to the here and now. Chainmaille really is some of the best therapy you can find!